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Rainbow Clan, the place where seeds find their home. Blessings of the Green Grass follows you to the throne (kinsmen)! Brotherhood, comes to run with an iron thumb (shines in the dark), the heart of a warrior, the heart of a man, the heart of a great spirit, that reaches and kicks (stands up for what is right and unites broken hearts). Follow the Great River, the crystalline shore leads, right down towards the heartbeat, where all do bleed (suffering for love, down the red road, the law of love, we afford). Gather together and explore, the heart of all our relatives, we adore!
Aho Relatives, Bowing to the sacred nine streams and the four holly directions within us all. I Bless for me and you, the Earth and everyone through and through. I inhale and exhale the sacred smoke to mend all that is broken and sore. I lift you up to open that door. Now is time to see the Heavenly glory the most wonderful story. Thank you for joining the hoops we humbly welcome you into our hearts.

Standing Leaf your Strands of Living, red child, law of love enforcement, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Kristofer Trinity Schell/Rocky River On The Run *Red/Yellow/Green/Gray*

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart of Kristofer, the Red Child, Law Bringer and Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy who Tells us like it is Love LIVES! Enjoy ... "Master Your Journey" To Contact Email "Kristofer Schell"

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Respect for Life and Feelings for Each Other!

Step towards the Morning Star, shine divine!
Beloved Kristofer, the red child,

Validate, then we know the great loving great show. It's matters not what we do and say, it's only how we receive it each and every day.

Yes, we learn to bow to know the winds, the heart of each other, we begin. But as we fill the world with our love, this will change them, like it should. Right now, the body (flesh) has lost it's way, because it's traveling on a great big wave. And we are working to clean it up, when we validate each and every cup.

If we depend on intelligence, we lost our way, we must instead learn about the grateful daze. We are dreaming, the soul does sing, get together and breath (deeply in song).

Validate and bow, then we know the sacred cow (rainbow colors/holy temple of each child).

Your devoted servant sings today, to heal the heart of each who praise. And those who linger, find they are alone, because they didn't hold any stones (crystalline fellows, each have a yellow, the dream across their hearts).

Repeat, repeat, repeat, then shine a dime (embracing, like the sky all around) into thine (each other's heart).

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to brings. Merry Christmas blowing in the winds!

elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy,

On Sat, Dec 24, 2011, Kristofer Schell <> wrote:
Dear White Buffalo Calf Woman Twin Deer Mother,
I feel that common courtesy is a subject that hasn't been brought up enough. I believe that lack of this discipline is result of a lot of conflict along with, lack of respect for life and feelings/emotions of all beings. Something else that is a big problem in personal situations is body language. Learning about these things would help to restore peace and love in the world.
                                                      Love and Blessings

                        Kristofer Trinity Schell, red child, law of love enforcement, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

 Tell me where the song does lead, into the heart of those who bleed, because we suffer for true love, to shine forever, just like the doves. Let peace know greatness in all your daze, because it's dreams that lead the waves! Join in hands, know it's true, you are Greatness, like me and you (together forever).

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