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Rainbow Clan, the place where seeds find their home. Blessings of the Green Grass follows you to the throne (kinsmen)! Brotherhood, comes to run with an iron thumb (shines in the dark), the heart of a warrior, the heart of a man, the heart of a great spirit, that reaches and kicks (stands up for what is right and unites broken hearts). Follow the Great River, the crystalline shore leads, right down towards the heartbeat, where all do bleed (suffering for love, down the red road, the law of love, we afford). Gather together and explore, the heart of all our relatives, we adore!
Aho Relatives, Bowing to the sacred nine streams and the four holly directions within us all. I Bless for me and you, the Earth and everyone through and through. I inhale and exhale the sacred smoke to mend all that is broken and sore. I lift you up to open that door. Now is time to see the Heavenly glory the most wonderful story. Thank you for joining the hoops we humbly welcome you into our hearts.

Standing Leaf your Strands of Living, red child, law of love enforcement, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Kristofer Trinity Schell/Rocky River On The Run *Red/Yellow/Green/Gray*

Master Your Journey

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart of Kristofer, the Red Child, Law Bringer and Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy who Tells us like it is Love LIVES! Enjoy ... "Master Your Journey" To Contact Email "Kristofer Schell"

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Open Your Heart

Open your heart and let your river flow. From the Mountain tops to the valleys below. Let your love flow for everyone to know. Listen to Earth so full of Love. It is time to fly. It is time to see. Love is the key. Open your heart and set yourself free. Bless and forever shall you be. I bless you all with love for eternity.

Standing Leaf your Strands of Living 
red child, law of love enforcement rainbow warriors of prophecy
Kristofer Trinity Schell
Rocky River On The Run Red/Yellow/Green/Gray

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

There flows the river upon this shore, the mountain we adore. Come whispers into mine heart to find we are a holy arc. Fill the waves with sunshine to lean on love. And when we are bound to live, then sing a heart that brings, the path to enlightenment, that's where we begin. Let us share our hearts to begin.
Standing Leaf will dare! 

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