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Rainbow Clan, the place where seeds find their home. Blessings of the Green Grass follows you to the throne (kinsmen)! Brotherhood, comes to run with an iron thumb (shines in the dark), the heart of a warrior, the heart of a man, the heart of a great spirit, that reaches and kicks (stands up for what is right and unites broken hearts). Follow the Great River, the crystalline shore leads, right down towards the heartbeat, where all do bleed (suffering for love, down the red road, the law of love, we afford). Gather together and explore, the heart of all our relatives, we adore!
Aho Relatives, Bowing to the sacred nine streams and the four holly directions within us all. I Bless for me and you, the Earth and everyone through and through. I inhale and exhale the sacred smoke to mend all that is broken and sore. I lift you up to open that door. Now is time to see the Heavenly glory the most wonderful story. Thank you for joining the hoops we humbly welcome you into our hearts.

Standing Leaf your Strands of Living, red child, law of love enforcement, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Kristofer Trinity Schell/Rocky River On The Run *Red/Yellow/Green/Gray*

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Universal Brotherhood

Aho Relatives,

My vision (dreams, hopes and goals) for the future of life on this Planet and life throughout the Universe. I believe we should eliminate all borders between countries and states. Stop allowing ownership of land and resources so that we can share them equally.

I believe that if something needs to be done for the welfare of this Planet our Mother Earth or any life that exists upon it, "money should not be required for materials". It should only consist of people getting together gathering the materials needed and building or repairing what ever is needed.

We should do it because we love ourselves, each other, the planet we live on and the Universe we live in. Love should be the law (don't do anything to bring harm to another being). I believe Love consists of courtesy, compassion and respect.

Fruits, Vegetables, Oats and Grains should be planted abundantly throughout the land where it will grow without clearing too many trees and too much forest. In places where people live and nothing grows we should dig good water wells and build greenhouses run by natural free energy (wind, solar, hydroelectric, magnetic propulsion and other energy sources).

I believe that all good productive technologies and all knowledge should be distributed equally and freely. Everyone that is able to work should put in their part according to their skills and ability. For good of life so that no one goes without a safe place to sleep and healthy food to eat.

All natural medicine from herbs, shrubs and trees should be grown and distributed abundantly.

I believe we should stop caging, fencing and slaughtering animals the way we do. If meat is needed we should have to hunt the source in order to show proper thanks and respect for the life that is being taken and nothing should be wasted. I don't believe that any living being should have to spend it's physical existence trapped, locked up and waiting to be slaughtered. I feel that every form of life in the Universe is a part of the same source I am a part of. Therefore making it part of my family, a part of myself even though it has a slightly or completely different body, appearance and or function.

Energy is life and we would not exist without it. So then that means all forms of life come from the same source. Energy is neither created nor destroyed and it exists everywhere without spaces which if you think about it makes everything throughout the universe one being (connected). We are just vessels or vital organs accumulating and processing information about life and the being that all of us together create sending it back to the main brain, circuit or central consciousness.

Yahweh said to Moses I am the beginning and the end. So that to me translates to neither created or destroyed (or created and destroyed, to begin a new/a knew, in other words never ending).

Thank you for reading my view of Oneness's vision. I hope you like it feel free to comment and ask questions. Please let me know if there is something you feel should be added to this.

I bow and bless the sacred nine directions. I bless myself. I bless the Earth and The Cosmos all life, spirits, guardians, warriors and every molecule within.  

Love and Blessings to all that is,
Standing Leaf your Strands of Living 
red child law of love enforcement
rainbow warriors of prophecy
Kristofer Trinity Schell/Rocky River On The Run

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon.  
From the darkness we arise a heavenly child.  

Tell me where the song does lead, into the heart of those who bleed, because we suffer for true love, to shine forever, just like the doves. Let peace know greatness in all your daze, because it's dreams that lead the waves! Join in hands, know it's true, you are Greatness, like me and you (together forever).

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